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Adoption Stories

Myda, an adorable terrier mix with shaggy hair, had been living on the streets of Bovoni, St. Thomas where she was often seen begging for food from a restaurant nearby. The OTR/St. Thomas team were able to rescue her along with the three tiny pups she had been keeping under a 40' container. The puppies: Moose, Grizzly, and Penelope all found wonderful homes in the Northeast and Myda was lucky enough to find her forever home with our board member MacKenzie Miller. Myda has just finished up her heartworm treatment and is loving life being a spoiled pup!

Stevie and Marvin
Too often in the USVI, kittens are found abandoned and sick living on their own. Such was the case with Stevie and Marvin, found as six-week-olds in the middle of a road on St. Thomas. A concerned citizen picked up the sick and hungry kittens and brought them to Canines, Cats, & Critters, the local veterinary clinic. These two inseparable kittens both had serious upper respiratory infections (URIs), a common occurrence in the stressed and poorly nourished stray cat population. In addition to congestion, a URI also causes eye inflammation and can lead to blindness. Stevie's eyes were so inflamed that they were both glued shut. After just a few days of intensive care with OTR founder Kelsey Wyrick, Stevie was able to open his eyes a bit, and after two weeks of continued care, both kittens were on the mend. Under Kelsey's care, they went from super sick street kittens to the biggest lovers at OTR/St. Thomas! Stevie and Marvin came up to Off the Rocks/MA, settled in, and were quickly adopted by an experienced pet owner who absolutely adores them!

After Hurricane Irma, a relief lineman was working outdoors on St. Thomas where he witnessed this sweet coconut retriever being mistreated in a junkyard. He removed her from this awful situation, brought her to local vet clinic Canines, Cats, and Critters in order to have her examined and spayed. There, the veterinarian delivered a piece of bad news that is all too typical in the USVI: Molly had heartworm disease and would need to be treated for months. The couple asked Off the Rocks founder Kelsey Wyrick to help Molly. Kelsey found foster homes for Molly and raised the money to pay for all of her expensive heartworm treatments. After four months, Molly was healthy enough to be transported to Stray Rescue of St. Louis, one of our partner rescues, where she quickly found a loving forever home. We are deeply grateful to our generous donors who helped us to pay for Molly's medical treatments and transportation to St. Louis.

Rescuers from the Animal Care Center of St. John (ACC) trapped Potter's mother in the wild when she was days from giving birth. They gave her a comfortable place to have her litter at the ACC, where her kittens were lovingly bottle-fed. Potter, the runt, was severely underweight and was a mere 7 ounces when he arrived at OTR/MA at 8 weeks old. The vets warned us that he might not survive. But luckily, with consistent syringe feeding and lots of human contact, Potter was able to gain weight and thrive. He is now living with a loving family and a cat friend.


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